Who am I?  Oh Lord, I'm a hot mess!  I'm not shy, have been told I'm loud and crazy (the good crazy), I love to lip sync in the car (check out instagram), I have no filter, I love my dentist, I don't get embarrassed, must have coffee everyday, I'm a CANON girl, I love wine (red or white I'm not picky), I can pull off blonde or brunette (see above), I love to volunteer at my daughters school, pet hair is typically on my clothes (2 dogs & 2 cats), love the beach (hate the sand), I love run on sentences, love to go on cruises, LOVE MY FRIENDS & FAMILY, I love to laugh, I love to make others laugh and smile and not just when I have a camera in my hand.  Life is too short to NOT be happy!  I am originally from the Northern Virginia area (outside of DC) and have lived here in NC since 1998. I love it here and call North Carolina HOME!

I am a happily married mother of a beautiful teenage daughter who's in High School in China Grove, NC.  I have been shooting since she was a baby... that's how it all started.  My wonderful husband bought me a Canon 35mm film camera and of course I used my own little angel as my muse.  I had photos of her on my desk at work and everyone thought they were "professional".... and it all snowballed from there!  I'm self taught and boy I have learned so much from film to digital.  

I am a location photographer and love all the posibilities to get just the right photo!  I am constantly finding new location spots - if you have one - let me know.  I love parks, lakes, beaches, mountains, downtown streets and more.... 

I love what I do - really!  I am so blessed and thank GOD everyday.